The Shannon Watts Curse

So Panera gets a wee bit prodded by Moms Demand. Big Boss gives out some terse PR piece saying that although they can’t do squat, they don’t want guns in their establishments. Shannon applauds with glee and the next day one of the stores gets robbed at gun point.

david niven wink
“Well done Shannon, well done”

Hat tip: Robert The K.

10 Replies to “The Shannon Watts Curse”

  1. Man, am I having some facebook fun with some of these morons!
    And the good news is I do believe the folks leaving Panera far out number the MDA crowd! Especially since they all moved to Kroger. When are these companies gonna figure out that this bunch is just a bunch of agitators, and are not actual customers??

  2. I’m starting to wonder if a certain type of criminal just watches these press releases and picks out business to hit based upon them. Seriously, this is getting to be more than just coincidence.

  3. The only cure for the Shannon Watts curse is…is……(wait for it)…………….a GUN!!!!!!!

    NO…You TWIT, THE BAD GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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