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I was arguing with a moron on Twitter earlier. He kept using There/Their/They’re and Too/To wrong, couldn’t spell, and didn’t know how commas worked (including at one point when he ended up accidentally calling himself a gay moron) so I started correcting him so he’d get all rage-sputtery. He called me a grammar nazi. My response was “I’m more of a grammar libertarian. You’re a grammar rapist.”
Because I freely admit to violating the rules all the time, I’m hereby proclaiming the existence of Grammar Libertarians. So I believe in freedom of grammar, but I also believe in the Non-Aggression Principle of Grammar, which requires you not to be a complete friggin’ idiot with your spelling and punctuation.
So now we have a middle ground between the hated Grammar Nazis and the incoherent Grammar Rapists.You are welcome, internet.

via Grammar Libertarians Unite! | Monster Hunter Nation.

This needs to happen now!


Only from the mind of Correia 😀


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