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“You can spout all the anti-gun noise you want. You can tell me guns are ‘macho’ and ‘masculine’, and accuse me of trying to be like the ‘big boys’ if I carry one. I don’t care. I’ve been raped, and I’ve decided that I would much rather defend myself than sit back quietly and be ‘ladylike’.” – Julie Batson

Via The Cornered Cat.


2 Replies to “Quote of the Day”

  1. But we all understand nature of The people that would rather us not be able to have firearms. In her case the preferable thing is to let the criminal rape and murder her than allow her the means to defend yourself. And since she is pro-gun and speaks openly about it it’s a win – win for them. After all to them the only good gun owner is a dead gun owner.

    Don’t think for a moment if the government made firearms totally legal and went out went all out and tried to kill us all that they would not cheer and masturbate all over our corpses.

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