Why am I not surprised about CSGV? A fearless Eric Holder.

CSGV Holder Bye “You’d be hard-pressed to find an American who cares more about ending our epidemic of gun violence than Eric Holder.”

Other than covering up for the biggest transaction of firearms between the US Gov. and the Mexican Drug Cartels, he was peachy.

But apparently not all of CSGV’s followers agree with such a wonderful send-off and they are not making the points that we would make but the opposite: He was ineffective and nothing got done. Go read before the Memory Hole gets activated.

6 Replies to “Why am I not surprised about CSGV? A fearless Eric Holder.”

  1. Let’s see:

    NRA uses the court system and lobbyists to fight for the constitutional rights of law abiding American Citizen = Terrorists with blood on their hands.

    Eric Holder promotes Fast and Furious gun program which puts guns in the hands of narco-terrorists which end up on the streets and are used to kill America citizens and at least one border patrol agent = praiseworthy, brave American.

    These people’s moral compass points directly into the cesspool of hell.

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