When Ego and Stupidity Meet.

No idea where this happened, but illustrative nevertheless.

Playing bumper cars in a busy highway? They both had very close calls with other traffic but they are so invested in their own egos that simply did not care.  Both had multiple chances to disengage and take other lanes or simply lay back, but their ego forbade clear thinking.

I hope I never met idiots like this on the road.


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    1. That’s Kanji, which almost always indicates Japan and China, Japan’s written language is based on the Chinese written language as derived from stolen Buddhist scriptures. The Japanese spoken language, however, resembles Latin syntax a lot more than any of the Chinese spoken languages of the time, so they had to include lots of particles and a phonetic alphabet.(They actually have 2: Katakana, which look like simplified Kanji, and Hiragana, which are much more curved.)

      Korean is notably different and easy to spot. I’m not familiar with a lot of other languages, but I do know that none of them look anything like what’s used in Japan, China, or Korea.

      1. Technically Katakana and Hiragana are the same phonetic alphabet. They’re used in similar ways as lowercase and capital letters. Well kinda. Katakana is commonly used to sound out foreign words like “Computer” and “McDonalds”, and any time they want to make Japanese words jump out, or seem “futuristic” (like the Movie title “Akira” is all written in Katakana, but a man with the given name “Akira” would write his name more often in Kanji, or Hiragana.

  1. Lot of Kanji on the road, meaning either Japan or China. I don’t see any Katakana on the vehicles, and the spacing looks like Chinese writing.

    Rather surprising, actually. The scenery looks like one of the freeway stretches in Colorado.

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