“Gun control has become taboo issue.” By Joseph Cotto

Decent people should not have their rights infringed on account of a troublesome minority. Surely, most of those who want to purchase a gun through the legal process are concerned about protecting human life or catching a few pheasants, among other wildlife.

Indeed, the sons and daughters of the Second Amendment are urban businessmen who walk to their cars late at night, battered housewives who fear that their estranged husbands might murder them, deer hunters who are trying to feed their families, movie stars who fall victim to the terrors of a violent stalker, convenience store owners who are at risk of being held up, and many more.

While the gun grabbers would not like to admit it, these Americans are the rightful inheritors of the Second Amendment’s legacy.

via Gun control has become taboo issue.

Pretty decent article and I will have to disagree with the end of it, but worth reading.

2 Replies to ““Gun control has become taboo issue.” By Joseph Cotto”

  1. I agree, unsure about the end part. I don’t think this writer has heard of the saying “give a few inches, and they’ll take a foot”.

  2. Here’s a thought on criminals. If you can’t be trusted without a custodian, you can not be trusted in society.* Period.
    What part of “shall not be infringed” do these liberal idiot pisswits not understand?

    * stolen from David Codrea.

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