Moms Demand: Rainbow Puppies therefore Argyle Socks

Moms Demand Kroger Robbery 1

What….how in the…really? What kind of brain is it required to even begin to say that Open Carry equals bank robbery? It seems logic is not a requirement to be in the side of Gun Control.

In the meantime, another bank robbery ended with a less than satisfactory result for the individual trying to make a forceful withdraw:

Moms Demand Kroger Robbery 2

6 Replies to “Moms Demand: Rainbow Puppies therefore Argyle Socks”

  1. They make no distinction between law-abiding and criminals. To them we are all the same. It’s an intentional choice in their “change the cultural view on guns” campaign. It could also be their down-fall, but only if people are willing to speak up.

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