Somewhere in an NYC advertising agency, a secret meeting is happening.

“OK people. our first try in associating the NRA with Ebola has crashed. What can we come up with?”

“How about Ebola is transmitted via High Capacity Assault Clips? No cases of Ebola have been reported in countries with 10 round clips.”

“Or that Patient Zero was allowed to travel because we did not have  Universal background Check in place that could have stopped him?”

“And ban hollow point bullets. Criminals are putting Ebola in the cavities and then doing drive-bys spraying the doubly-deadly death at nunneries and elementary schools.”

“Let’s make a grassroot group called Aunts Demand Action for Ebola Sense.”

“Yes! And a Twitter campaign. #LysolnotGuns or #PurellnotGuns.”

“And demand that the Republican Congress allow the CDC to study the relation of Guns with the spread of Ebola.”

“Do we have any children infected with Ebola yet? We could use some photos of a girl quarantined.”

“None in the US, but we can always photoshop something.”

“OK people, let’s get this rolling. And somebody bill Michael Bloomberg another 10 million dollars.”





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