Moms Demand: Graphic reason why their message is not going through.

Leave to the well-paid advertising geniuses that works for Moms Demand to screw up a basic childhood entertainment: The Tin Can Phone.

Moms Demand Tin Can Phone

I wonder how is it that a Stay-At-Home mother like Shannon Watts did not catch the glaring mistake of not having the frigging string taut between the calling parties.

Then again it is a perfect representation of why their message is not going far.

They screw up something so basic, yet we must blindly trust them when they speak of gun safety. Yeah right.

6 Replies to “Moms Demand: Graphic reason why their message is not going through.”

  1. As I have pointed out before, these people don’t know how things work. Anything. They have never made anything more complicated than a finger painting. They have never fixed anything at all.

    Some of them do not even seem to understand that things are made. Those that do, do not seem to be able extrapolate that into the understanding that anything that can be made can be, ya know, made. By people.

    To them, if it isn’t available at the store, it doesn’t exist, because it can’t exist.

    And so they will never understand why banning the sale of guns can never eliminate their availability.

    And as an addendum: that’s not even a string. It’s a braided clothesline. A damper, not a vibrator.

  2. Kidding aside: The next two weeks is were close elections are lost or won. And “get off your butt and vote” drives do have an effect. i.e. have you done anything lately to get your local pro-2nd amendment candidate elected? If not, find out how to volunteer and do more than just vote!

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