Moms Demand: There goes the narrative.

Moms Demand Jaylen Ray Fryberg

Not taking anything from the effort by Megan Silberberger since it requires stones to go after a shooter with just good intentions, but new information happened to come out about the shooter and his nasty deed: Jayleen Fryberg had texted the victims and invited them to have lunch with him.  He basically baited them into a common kill zone.

This was no “I am pissed at the world and I am gonna shoot anybody at school just because” but a cold-blooded execution with more in common with a Mafia hit than your standard mass killing by teenage angst.

The investigation is still ongoing but it will be interesting to find out what kind of material was Fryberg reading or accessing in the Net.

And again congrats to Ms. Silberberger who demonstrated a bigger testosterone load than all the MAIG members together.

3 Replies to “Moms Demand: There goes the narrative.”

  1. Along with the txt message, other reports are that there was no contact between the teacher or the killer. My theory: She may have distracted him for a second, causing him to pause before carrying out his plan to shoot himself.

  2. Another example of how Mommies Inc.’s primary goal isn’t stopping shooters. They only approve if it’s done unarmed. They had diddly squat to say not too long ago when that psychiatrist used his gun to stop a madman in his tracks before he could shoot up the rest of the hospital.

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