CSGV and the PTSD T-Shirt controversy: We now know who the psychos are.

Last Saturday I posted about the Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence coming down on a satirical T-Shirt from Ranger up about how some elitists treat veterans with PTSD and the immediate backslash from the Veterans and Active Service personnel. As they usually do, CSGV went into delete mode getting rid of those who criticize them and they did a great job depopulating the comments.

Unfortunately, they left the comments of their supporters and in a lot of cases, in a format that is easy to follow…and screen capture. Some of them really need medical intervention:

CGV T Shirt 2

And then we have a gentleman under the name of Eddie Delisio who also goes under Eddie Haley and probably resides somewhere in Colorado. Here is what he thinks about Vets:

CGV T Shirt 1


And yes, the Vets and supporters had post with bad language too, but they got deleted for the most part while CSGV somehow approves of this gentleman’s thoughts.

That should tell you all you need about CGSV.

2 Replies to “CSGV and the PTSD T-Shirt controversy: We now know who the psychos are.”

  1. Boy, Eddie really got worked up there, didn’t he? I hate to admit it, but I actually sought out his post to see if that thread was actually snippets of a conversation – nope, he just kept replying to his own bad self over the course of about 4 days.

    And WE’RE the crazy ones…

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