The cost of gun control: Here is one bill paid in full.

HUALLHUA, Peru (AP) — It was the second burial for the three members of the citizen self-defense force from this remote Andean village, who officials say died so that others might live.

The men were slain on June 14, 1990, investigators say, defending the 100 people who then inhabited Huallhua from an attack by Shining Path rebels with the only weapons at their disposal — rocks.

The villagers escaped, and the bodies of the three men, their throats slit and their skulls crushed, were promptly buried by grateful neighbors to save them from feral dogs.

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For the elitists, Gun Control is a cute exercise in Social Engineering. For the people who has to live it, sometimes it is a death sentence.

The tide turned for Shinning Path when the government allowed villagers to arm themselves and fight back. Within two years Shinning path had lost control of the countryside and was forced to live in urban eras where they were easy picking for the police and security services.


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  1. John 15:13. “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”. I’ve said it before: getting killed would suck; getting killed in a righteous and noble cause would suck somewhat less; having a real chance to hurt or kill the people trying to kill you would be pretty fine by comparison. R.I.P., hombres.

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