CSGV: If it is in a meme, it must be true.

So the good folks of the Cult Coalition to Top Gun Rights Violence shared this with its followers:
CSGV Rifle found spokane


My first reaction was bulls***! but then again I was reminded that it is not the first time that a police officer have left rifles abandoned:

rifle abandoned by seattle pd


So I decided to do a bit of Google-Fu and check for rifles found by woman in Spokane. And the result as expected was a huge nope.

We must be very careful about what is posted in the Internet as it may not be true. I always try to do my due diligence and finding out at least a couple of other sources before committing .

If nothing else, follow the words of Abraham Lincoln:


Sue me, I had to do it.

2 Replies to “CSGV: If it is in a meme, it must be true.”

  1. So they think gun owners have enough disposable cash to discard 1 to 2k whenever they need to? Or was this supposed to be a “drop” for some other criminal to pick up? What are they thinking?

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