Who is this “we” kemosabe or they develop Internet Testicles.

Lots of people have already written about the Op/Ed by Gerald Ensley at the Tallahassee Democrat.  Every Gun Control activist gets militant at least once a year (I have no idea if it is required) and has to babble about the gun nuts/rednecks/killers, the eeevil Black Rifles, Mass Killings, How Gun Free Zones work and how do we need to confiscate all guns and remove the Second Amendment from our Bill of Rights.

But one of the announcements they make, never fails me to make me laugh:

Gerald Ensley coming for your guns

We?  is Mr. Gerald Ensley going to be on the point of the spear, donning kevlar and kicking doors down? Taking down and arresting Gun Nuts that might decide to shoot back? Really?

Gerald Ensley
Gerald Ensley

Or you really mean: “We are going to send somebody’s children to kill and die for shit we should have not meddle in the first place because Rights are not for us to screw with?”

Gerald, you wanna impress me? Go on to your local gun range with a hammer and start bashing on any gun you see there while explaining to the owners they are better off without them.

Go on, I’ll wait for your report.

3 Replies to “Who is this “we” kemosabe or they develop Internet Testicles.”

  1. I don’t need a gun to smack down this wimp. My bare hands would be sufficient for this pencil neck. So, if they issue the order to come get our guns they will fail and Mr. Ensley will be tried for treason for his support.



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