Playing catch up can be dangerous to your health

French Cavalrymen at the Ypres 1914

French Cavalrymen on their way to Ypres (1914) or the body armor of the time is about to have a nasty wake up call. You do have to wonder if it is just an affectation or they were wishing it worked.

Anyway, the foot soldier is always behind the curve on what people design to kill him.


3 Replies to “Playing catch up can be dangerous to your health”

  1. This armor was mostly ceremonial (hence the polishing). Of course – that didn’t stop the french from using them on the frontlines.

    The armour of that time was heavy, cumbersome and expensive – and designed to stop splinters and fragments, not bullets.

    Just like the heavy and cumbersome armor of the Vietnam War 😉


  2. Cuirassiers, so-named from the ceremonial breastplate; possibly members of the 1st Cuirassier Regiment. I don’t think they thought it would stop a bullet, but I do think they underthought the hazards of wandering around a war zone with a shiny steel target on their upper bodies.



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