Micheal Brown got shot by Officer Wilson because you own a Glock.

The death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, reveals many things about America. One of them that has not yet received adequate attention is that there is a strong case for a form of gun control that is much stricter than anything that’s remotely plausible in the context of American politics.

via We shouldn’t talk about Ferguson without talking about guns – Vox.

And apparently me owning a revolver directly leads to doctors not giving black people enough pain killers.

At least we are not responsible for Climate Change….yet.

6 Replies to “Micheal Brown got shot by Officer Wilson because you own a Glock.”

  1. Someone please call Larry Coriea – this just calls out for his special treatment.

    The way Matthew Yglesias takes a grain of fact and twists it into something else puts those gene-changing scientists at Monsanto to shame.

    stay safe.


  2. There was so much stupid in that article. I don’t have time to Fisk the whole article but I want these people to come to the south side of Chicago. There have been nearly 900 homicides in Chicago, 75% of them black males, between the shootings of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. Illinois, and Chicago under that, has very tight gun laws. Permits and registration for all hand guns with universal background check laws. All the laws do is annoy law abiding citizens. The weather has more of an effect on the annual homicide rate than the gun laws.



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