Ladies and gentlemen, it is official: 200,226,838 firearms checks.

We have the official FBI NICS numbers:
NICS 200 million


But remember, nobody young is buying guns, Gun Owners are only a small minority of old rednecks stashing guns away in some remote trailer park in the South.

As somebody commented: That 300 million firearms number waved around, seems to be small all of the sudden.

5 Replies to “Ladies and gentlemen, it is official: 200,226,838 firearms checks.”

  1. Of the 5 firearms I have, only one has had a NICS check, the first pistol I bought, then I got a SC CWP and I got my AR and shotgun, no check, 1 C&R Mosin 91/30 from a private party and my 1966 Stevens .22 Rifle from when I was 16.
    Although the Mosin 91/30 is entered in my Bound Book. I have a FFL03.



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