Republican Martha McSally wins Gabby Gifford’s congressional seat

Republican Martha McSally has prevailed in Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District over Democratic Rep. Ron Barber following a recount after initial vote totals showed McSally ahead by fewer than 200 votes…

(Gabby) Giffords’ gun-control group, Americans for Responsible Solutions, spent more than $2 million on Barber’s behalf, including a 60-second TV ad in October that featured Giffords, who still has trouble with her speech. “Ron Barber is independent, he’s courageous, and most of all he’s Arizona through and through,” she said in the ad.

via Republican Martha McSally wins last House race of 2014 – Tarini Parti – POLITICO.


But remember, according to the Media and Gun Control Activists, we lost big time and the NRA is no longer a threat.

Dear God: Keep them stupid.

7 Replies to “Republican Martha McSally wins Gabby Gifford’s congressional seat”

  1. I am absolutely delighted, but I must point out some voting realities.

    To those who say that their vote doesn’t matter, here is the rebuttal.

    To those who effectively throw their votes away on their “perfect” third party candidate; I agree you may be principled, but you are useless for conservative causes if you allow Democrats to win by narrow margins.

    To those who did not vote, please refrain from making any political comments since you were too lazy to go to the polls or to mail it in.

    If every firearms owner put their Constitutional rights first and foremost we would sweep the Democrats from power forever. Alas, protecting the Second Amendment takes the back seat to other priorities for too many.


      1. The canidate who is going to be most responsive to cries from his or her base, or the canidate who is most likely not become a stooge of the Democrats.


  2. The Pima and Cochise county officials did not manage to eliminate the estimated 8000 votes cast by illegal aliens for…guess who.



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