About that “Like a Girl” Super Bowl ad?

I saw it ad I went “meh.” Buddies in my circle also went “meh” and so did their extended circles, most of us are gunnies.

And I could give you a long-winded explanation why, but I think this sums it pretty nicely:


NORTH BRANCH TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — Police say an 11-year-old girl has managed to scare off an intruder by wielding a shotgun.

via Police: Michigan Girl Scares Off Intruder with Shotgun.
Hat Tip to @UniverSpectator

Like I have to tell you that the photo is by Oleg Volk

Our culture raises confident girls capable of depending on themselves.  And they can be girly, and giggle and read Bride magazine, but woe upon you if you mess with them. Just let us know where you want the flowers to be sent.


3 Replies to “About that “Like a Girl” Super Bowl ad?”

  1. I can say I would like to personally show who ever made this commercial up close, personal, and thoroughly, just how I ‘fight like a girl’.
    Garbage, like that, is the war on women. What a load of crap. Them, telling us, people think that way is what is truly insulting!!
    I haven’t heard anybody make that comment in decades. That, or I really got some great male friends! Cuz, fight like a girl is an compliment from those guys. (and they’re all Kajukenbo black belts, LEO, and most importantly, my dear husband.)
    Hmm, maybe next time they’re over, I’ll bake ’em some brownies and show off the new 9mil.
    …like a girl 😉
    donna g



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