Sometimes they let it slip up

Remember, they are not really after your guns or want to ban them.

Brady Slip up


But them guns are so dangerous, it is best if nobody has guns anywhere children are close; like in your home, car, yard, garage, neighborhood, town, county…etc.

2 Replies to “Sometimes they let it slip up”

  1. Obviously a tragedy and depending on what they mean by a “locked gun” it was either an accident or negligent. No mention of the larger number of children who drowned, were poisoned, died in a car crash, were abused, or who fell to their deaths that same day.

    Since people drive drunk, why would I as a sober driver have to accept restrictions on my right to drive, just in case I might one day break the law and drive while intoxicated. Same thing with firearms. Prior restraint and the denial of basic human rights like self defense are intrinsically evil and un-Constitutional.

    Let them try to take our guns and just see what happens.



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