GunBlog VarietyCast: We Found Religion and it is Cash!

To quote Pope Sorrentino the First on why are we doing this:

We’ve decided to quit gun blogging and podcasting because there is no money in it. We all saw that preacher asking his flock for a $65 million private jet and we decided to jump ship, become a church, and get our own plane before Robert Farago did it first.


  • Blue Collar Prepping – Improvised Field Expedient Tactical Self Defense With Glass Containers While Operating in Operations
  • Foreign Policy for Grownups – Money Laundering and Private Jets
  • AlArma – Living the High Life
  • Tech Tips with The Barron  – Digital Security for the ChurchCast
  • This Week in Anti-Gun Nuttery – Not just Anti-Jet, Anti-Freedom!
 GoFundMe for the podcast is here!

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