The more things change…..

LAST WINTER I spent a morning in a legislative committee room. A hearing was in progress on a bill to prohibit the sale of pistols . The man who spoke in behalf of the measure had once owned a pistol . He kept it in a trunk. One day the trunk was broken open and the pistol stolen. This incident had convinced him of the uselessness of owning a pistol unless one purposed to commit murder with it. A moment later, although probably not as a corollary of that thought, he advanced the idea that the possession of a pistol almost invariably did create murderous impulses in the heart of the possessor.

via Clayton Cramer.: Some bad ideas never go away.

Nothing you haven’t read before, right? Same old tired drivel. But how tired? Try October, 1910.

Yes. It never stops.


4 Replies to “The more things change…..”

  1. Wait, so this guy owned a pistol until it was stolen? He should thank the thief of relieving him of that dreadful burden.

    That, and see a psych to get a check-up on his murderous impulses. Make sure they’re really gone.



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