So how was the crime during the 2015 NRAAM?

I looked, but no official word appears to be given yet by Nashville Metro PD. I went to their site and found they have this app thing that display crimes that happened in  Nashville. I centered around the Convention Center and checked for the whole weekend. Here are the results:

NRAAM 2015 Crime 1


For the whole weekend of the NRAAM they had 2 cases of assault (fist icon), 2 cases of larceny ($ sign) one case of fraud (F icon), 2 disturbing the peace (!), 1 vehicle vandalism and 1 graffiti. The Icons with the number 2 are cases of DUI and larceny times two. One of the assault cases happened after midnight on Sunday and the blue icon on the bottom right is a DUI also combined with a Disturbing the Peace.

I went on to compare with the weekend before, and here is the result:

NRAAM 2015 Crime 4 week beforeYes, that is a gun and it was armed robbery…and the other new one is drugs times three.

And the weekend before:

NRAAM 2015 Crime 2

The ones with numbers in this particular one are all multiple charges of Assault and Disturbing the Peace with a dash of larceny.

This is far from scientific, but it sort of hints that violent crime went down as it happens at every NRAAM.  We’ll wait for the official word to get confirmation.

But we are so violent!

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  1. Thanks for finding this out Miguel. I actually just commented on an anti gun blog wondering what the crime levels were like during the convention. Another interesting thing to look at would be what crime levels were like in the city with a similarly sized progressive/liberal convention in town.
    After all, since they are on the side of all that is light and good, there should be much less crime.


  2. Poe’s Law states that in it’s most extreme forms, it is impossible to tell parody from zealousness.

    Since the CSGV is prone to extreme anti-gun zealousness, allow me to engage in some extreme anti-gun parody and see if I can predict an anti-gun response to your above data.


    NRA members are older, white males, the most privileged group in America. Their violent, firearms related activities are not being reported as crimes because the police give them the benefit of the doubt due to their privilege. If a group of black people all carrying guns came to Nashville for a weekend, there would have been many more arrests because of racism.


  3. I talked to a Lieutenant for Metro Sunday morning, there were TWO incidents directly related to NRA that he knew of. One was an attempt to steal ammunition from HPC, and one was a domestic incident (couple slapped each other) at the Hank Williams, Jr. concert…


  4. Just to make it more accurate and clean, I would compare NRA weekend to other weekend(s), not weeks (number of days) or weekdays (Mon-Fri is a different dynamic then Sat-Sun). Preferably weekends that also had conventions at the center.



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