Gun Forum Experts: Danger Will Robinson.

firearm shipping

This is the one fight that never ends: Bad Info posted with certainty over a forum or another interweb medium.

There is no doubt that the ATF makes a frigging hash out of the regulations, but it is our cross to bear and we are responsible for how we ship our guns. Check the laws and regulations and then check again and if you are in doubt, check again.


2 Replies to “Gun Forum Experts: Danger Will Robinson.”

  1. A customer (in most states anyway)* can ship their gun to the manufacturer for warranty work or modification. The manufacturer can then ship the gun directly back to the customer. The background check on the new, needing warranty, has already been done. They can also be sent by the customer to a custom shop and they in turn can ship it right back to the customer as long as the shop ships it to the customers address.

    * I don’t know about some of the communist north east states IANAL. I am however a FFL and have run into this before.



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