Dragon Leatherworks in Jurassic World

When taking on a dinosaur, look no further than Dragon Leatherworks to case the weapon. The Oak Ridge shop designed several of the leather weapon pieces for the new blockbuster, “Jurassic World,” a sequel to the mega-hit “Jurassic Park.””He called us up and said, ‘Hey, we got the perfect thing for you. You’re gonna do the leatherwork for this up and coming movie and we can’t tell you what it is until we send you the non-disclosure agreement.’ I didn’t even know what I was working on,” said Dragon Leatherworks owner Dennis Badurina.But immediately he got to work.”We did his belts, half a dozen (tranquilizer) gun holsters, half a dozen stun baton holsters, the hero knife sheath, the leatherman tool holder and the leather dinosaur mittens,” Badurina said.

Source: Oak Ridge shop makes “Jurassic World” props

Leather dino mittens… it does not get any cooler than that.

Bravo Dennis! Another well deserved pre-cambric feather for your hat.

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  1. Where do I sign up for the matching belt + multi-tool sheath + knife sheath + gun holster set in Natural (no-dye) Velociraptor? 😉



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