When the White House suddenly starts to backpedal about Charleston…

When asked by ABC’s Jonathan Karl if any of the gun control proposals the president had issued in the past would have prevented the massacre last week, Earnest couldn’t give a direct answer — and admitted it was too early to tell.

Source: White House: Too Early to Tell If Gun Control Would Have Stopped Charleston, But We Need More Gun Control Anyway – Katie Pavlich


Even though not all the info is out, what we have points out that Rat-Turd Dylann Roof got a pistol that probably came with a low capacity magazine, and after going through a background check,  only to bring down in horror the myth of gun free zones.  When a single horrific event makes you and what you were trying to peddle a liar, no wonder we had this sudden push to ban Confederate Flags as if that was the reason the shooting occurred.

Can you say SQUIRREL!

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  1. Not only is it not too early to tell, but I can give an accurate answer in less than 140 characters:



    1. So the real point of UBCs is to build a database of all firearms owners to facilitate their confiscation. They don’t do a damn thing to stop crime and we need to not be expanding them, rather we should be abandoning them.



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