First Florida Open Carry Idiot found in the wild. UPDATED.


Fla Open carry Idiot

DAYTONA BEACH — A man with a semi-automatic rifle slung around his neck entered a fast food restaurant then walked down the beachside’s main drag, causing panic to those who called police.

Christopher Ray, 27, told police he was within his rights to openly carry the weapon because he had been fishing, according to an arrest report. He told officers he was thirsty and that’s why — with the rifle still around his neck — he entered the Burger King at 225 N. Atlantic Ave. and bought himself a soda, the report states.

Source: Man carrying rifle on A1A in Daytona Beach detained by police |

There we go. We could not let Texas have all the fun. There is more:

Because Ray had no fishing gear on him and he entered the restaurant with the weapon in full view of several patrons, the officer detained him so he could investigate further. If Ray had a concealed weapons license and the rifle was concealed, his actions would have been legal. But Ray is not licensed to carry a concealed weapon, police said, and carrying the rifle openly is illegal.

To him and others like him : DO NOT “HELP” ANYMORE!

UPDATE: Again, Than you for nothing.

Fla Open carry Idiot CSGV

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    1. Texas passed OC not because the OC Idiots but because of the hard work of the people who had been doing the hard labor for years. Open Carry was supposed one of the first bills approved by the Legislature and it barely made it as one of the last, brought back to life after Grisham and Watson shut their traps.



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