CSGV ratchets up the rhetoric, some followers are not amused.

When you run around the Lib/Prog playground, you are bound to offend somebody (or a bunch of them) eventually. The Atheists apparently did not find amusing the use of a non-entity as Gun Control tool.
CSGV Devil 1

You know the really sad part? That the Atheists behaved more like Christians than the so-called-Christian followers of CSGV did. But we agree that the do belong to a cult, so demonizing those who are not drinking their flavor of Kool Aid is not unexpected.

3 Replies to “CSGV ratchets up the rhetoric, some followers are not amused.”

  1. I’m gonna quote them on that.

    “The celebration of death is something wonderful.”
    -Coalition to Stop Gun Violence spokesperson

    Was that yesterday?

    oh. misquote, I guess. You know, it’s close enough.



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