NFA Fun Data by state.

Bumped into ATF’s Firearms commerce in the USA. Lots of interesting stuff!

Top Machine Gun State: Texas with 33,548 units beating Florida (33,435) by measly 113 squirt guns. (Virginia came third with 32,685, don’t tell Governor Terry McAuliffe or he will crap in his pants.)

Top Silencer State: Again Texas with 130,767. Georgia comes second with a distant 59,942.

Top Destructive Device State: California with 245,524. Texas goes second with 200,870.

Top Short Barrel Rifle State: Texas again with 23,840. Florida does second with 14,872 .

Top State Short Barrel Shotgun: California with 14,872 followed by Pennsylvania with 12,715.

Top Any Other Weapon State: Texas with 6,740 and then California with 3,856.

Rhode Island, Delaware and Hawaii are at the bottom of the pile with NFA fun stuff. Some items are as low as in double digits only.

cat machine gun

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  1. It’s tough to say what these numbers really mean, as they include non-transferable weapons, (probably explains why Washington, DC is always in the top 5), guns held by SOTs and museums (NRA museum drives up VA numbers), etc.



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