Blogger is ticking me off.

Lately it is not allowing me to post comments on several Gunny blogs and I have no idea why. It just gives me the preview and the publish button, but you click on it and it sends you back to the same comment page and again the preview.

And for McThag.
Actually Moreno is #15 in the last list I just checked. Garcia, Gonzalez and Rodriguez make the fist three spots. Perez used to be the most common 30 years ago and now dropped to 8th.

2 Replies to “Blogger is ticking me off.”

  1. I feel your pain. FireFox does that to me on a regular basis on only specific websites for log ins and to post comments. No setting changes seem to fix it. Weird thing is other people don’t have that issue on that website using same version of FF and same settings. For those particular sites I have to use another browser to log in.



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