Ladd Everitt: “I was born a poor black child.”

This incident is still under investigation and I would not be surprised if the outcome is as we have seen before. But Dear Mr. Everitt apparently is of a very light shade of melanin but still qualifies as Black.

Ladd Everitt
CSGV Black Lives Matter Minneapolis

Well, either that or Ladd is having a Brian Williams moment. You pick.

5 Replies to “Ladd Everitt: “I was born a poor black child.””

  1. So is he claiming the NRA is backing the white supremist(who is UNDOUBTEDLY a liberal atheist) AGAIN?

    I’d like to see the NRA take half of the claims to this effect to court. Put Bloomberg’s money to good use(funding the NRA via court fees and awards) for a change.


  2. Ladd, Ladd, Ladd, you poor pathetic F—.

    If we were violent enough to fire on you and your ilk, the body count would be astronomical. Despite your non-stop provocations, we have demonstrated we are your betters and have refrained from it.

    BTW, since when was the BLM about peaceful First Amendment speech? All I have ever heard is race-baiting, lies, police slurs, and calls for violence and destruction, so they are the insurrectionists.



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