When reality strikes…

“When my mom said, ‘Heather, was that a gunshot? I looked at her and I almost started chuckling. I’m like ‘This is not going to happen right now, there is no way this is going to happen.’ And it did. Thank goodness it wasn’t a mass murder, but it very well could have been. It was someone armed with a gun near Citrus Park Mall,” said Barber.
Barber was forced to hide inside of a coat rack after a man fired a single shot at an employee after lifting a piece of jewelry from a mall kiosk on Monday night.“If that were to happen again, which hopefully it does not, I need to be prepared and be ready for it. If that person came in with a gun, I need to be prepared to shoot them,” said Barber.

Source: After Citrus Park Mall shooting, Tampa woman gets concealed weapon license | WFLA.com

The bad news is that the moment she gets her gun and permit, she will be officially considered a “degenerate white man” by Ladd Everitt and the Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence.



At least she will get a penis out of the process.

Hat Tip to Jeff A.

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