Moms Demand well trained puppies.

Shooting inside a mall! The horror!

Moms Demand North Lake Mall

So what was it? another unhinged White Christian Redneck NRA member? Because you know they are the only ones doing Active Shooting situations, right?

Police working at the mall responded. CMPD Chief Kerr Putney said witnesses told police that when off-duty officer Thomas Ferguson reached the scene, one of the gunmen turned and pointed his weapon at Ferguson.The officer fired his service weapon, Putney said.
Daquan Antonio Westbrook, 18, was pronounced dead at the scene. At an evening news conference, Putney said police did not know if the teenager fired any shots at the officer.
Records indicate Westbrook had a lengthy criminal record involving guns, drugs and violence.

Source: Police kill teen gunman inside Northlake Mall | The Charlotte Observer

north lake mall shooting
And that would be the whippersnapper on the left.

I gave up Malls many years ago. The closest I’ve come is to a Sears automotive center located in the periphery and a uniform place to buy stuff for Halloween and only because the store was about 20 yards from one the mall’s exits. And the reason for my voluntary boycott (other than Amazon has it cheaper and easier to get) is precisely for stuff like the above: Group of feral teens deciding to redress perceived “disses” somewhere between visits to GameStop and Bath & Body Works. Shootings inside malls are not uncommon, in fact, they are probably more repetitive than your actual Mass Incident. Days before this one in North Carolina, there was another in Wisconsin, but somehow it did not grab the attention of Shannon and Company.

This particular Mall shooting did catch the attention to the Moms and what I found fascinating is that as usual, the Pavlovian response to a shooting inside this type of establishment was “ZOMG! ACTIVE SHOOTER!” and when it turned out to something different, the MDA puppies decided to keep barking and change the meaning rather than admit error:

Moms Demand North Lake Mall 2

They love moving them goal posts, don’t they? But that is fine as normal decent people get to see the kind of self-deluded creatures they are and stop taking them seriously. The more they lie (on purpose or because a severe case of mythomany) the more holes they add to the hull of their already sinking ship.

Bless their little hearts.

6 Replies to “Moms Demand well trained puppies.”

  1. I swear, every time I read about a shooting like this, I read the same comments from the family:

    “He never meant anybody any harm.”

    “He was just getting his life turned around, he just had hid ankle monitor removed.”

    “He was a good boy, really… Despite the long criminal history, multiple arrests for gun/drug/gang crime, and Facebook profile that made him look like a gangster.”


      1. It becomes an effective requirement for the family to espouse the complete bullsj1t lines, trying to portray their family member as a good person tragically gunned down, otherwise the Press has no interest in their story. Gangsters killing gangsters is so common that it no longer counts as any manner of interesting, but if one of the victims was ‘innocent’ then the story changes a bit.

        Of course, the flipside of this issue is simple: the bulk of America sees through the ruse and cares not one whit about their perceived injustices. And someday, when the agitation for racial matters reaches critical mass, the meltdown of their positions and feelings will be hellishly messier than they expect.


  2. It is always the same a misunderstood youth gets shot for no reason and they wonder why so many become numb over these situations.They always make the bad guy look good and the good guy look bad,what are sane people suppose to think about these insane theories.



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