NICS 2015: 23,174,970.

And December breaks all the records with 3,314,594 background checks. That means guns sold could arm all Federal, State and Local LEOs (704,672 according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics and Criminal Justice Information Services Divisionfour times and still have some guns to spare. 

NICS 2015
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But we are an unimportant minority on this country according to the Opposition and the Anti Gun politicians in Washington and other places where roach congregate.

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  1. Remember that those numbers are not a true reflection of gun sales. Most states, If you have a permit, you don’t have to undergo the background check for your purchase. You had 1 background check to get you permit and over the course of the 5 years of it’s life, you buy 2 guns a year for a total of 10. 12 million permit holders in the country doing that, That has the potential to be 240 million guns with out a background check. Hit your local gun haters with those numbers and watch their heads explode.

    One other number, multiple purchases. You can buy as many firearms as you can carry and/or afford. As long as they are purchased at the same time, they can all go on one 4473. That means one background check.


    1. You can also remind them that “40% of guns are purchased without a background check, remember?” Yeah, I know that the percentage is crap, but it’s still fun to throw their numbers back in their faces. 🙂



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