GFZ: Eight years Old.

I can say that I am as surprised as you are for lasting this long. I January 10th, 2008 I penned We are the New Negroes and started to share my views (right and wrong) with the world. I came close to call it quits eight months later when I thought I lost all my initial work to a crappy WordPress update and had to start from zero. Luckily I managed to find copies of most of the posts and posted them again.

I guess the reason I have lasted this long is because I accepted and lived under the first principle of Blogging: You blog for yourself and nobody else. I write about what I want, when I want it and avoid being a crowd pleaser. OK, so sometimes I throw the obligatory post under the cannons of Rule 5, sue me.

So thank you for dropping by and reading my blog, hoist a cold one in my name today and have a piece of cake to celebrate.

Be Advised: Clicking the on the cake will be NSFW


4 Replies to “GFZ: Eight years Old.”

  1. Congrats on your anniversary and your journeys through adversity. Seriously, thanks for starting and sticking with it.

    But I have a question – is that the cake we are asked to share with the antis when they want us to “compromise” on “reasonable” restrictions?

    stay safe



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