Jessica Nietzel shows real Gun Safety

You will see her at the end of the run where she takes a fall and gets a spiral fracture of the Fibula.
She finished shooting, cleared, safed and holstered the weapon. Then she went ouchie mode.

Hats off!

One Reply to “Jessica Nietzel shows real Gun Safety”

  1. Though no where near as impressive as breaking a bone, I once went head-over-teakettle running between two positions during a USPSA match. When all the tumbling was done, during which I did my level best not to break the 180, I ended up on my back with my feet uprange and my head downrange and with my strong arm extended over my head and the gun pointed downrange.

    I looked at the two ROs that were standing by my feet and they simply said “You’re good to go!” at which point I recovered and finished the stage.




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