Best Superbowl ad?

There were some cute ones, but I have to go with Snickers.

Yes, Willem Dafoe is unpalatable as hungry Marilyn the same way as he was as “sexy hooker” in Boondock Saints…


And that is the genius of it.

I know, the favorite was Kevin Hart’s Hyundai ad “First Date. But I will prefer the “original idea” ad from eight years ago.

3 Replies to “Best Superbowl ad?”

  1. I thought they were uniformly stupid and very unfunny this year, with ~3 ‘ok’ ones
    Steven Tyler and singing skittles? pft.
    Buick wedding, “OMG SHE ODELL’D THAT!” – please. shut up. (Pats fan here ;))
    Super Bowl Babies? – Are you kidding me?
    Opiad constipation commercials? THREE of them? – Good to time to go the head and skip them…
    Turbotax,,, all stupid wastes of time.

    Now –
    Hyundai First Date? Was cute, but there’s a shiver with the whole 100% real time tracking. Plz show how disable? kthx.
    Doritos Labor? Was funny. And it’s even funnier now that the pro abortion assholes are boycotting because the commercial ‘HUMANIZED A FETUS’ Are you fking kidding me? What’s it supposed to be? A cat? That ‘clump of cells’ has a fking heartbeat. It’s a human. Deal with it.
    Mtn Dew with the PuppyMonkeyBaby… that’s growing on me the more I see it. When I first saw I was like ‘what in THE fk is that…’ and was shocked 🙂



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