This is how you go to prison.

The story is that an individual set up a meeting via Craiglist (I know) to buy sneakers from another. The buyer turned out to be an armed robber.

I am bringing this up because I have seen the video in a couple of “News websites” with titles like “He Ripped Armed Robber’s Arm Off With His SUV. Now He’s Facing Attempted Murder” as if it was some great injustice being made against the driver.

The driver effed up. Plain and Simple.

The robber was done and gone, the particular event for which Self defense could have been used was over. The driver turned around, aimed and used the van as a weapon, his life was not in immediate danger not anybody else’s. He cannot claim self-defense. Maybe he could try temporary insanity but the chances are about 95% against getting an acquittal.

He is going to prison.

Don’t let your Ego and your Emotions dictate your tactics and behavior.

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