California: AB-1673 Firearms: unfinished frame or receiver will be considered a gun.

As used in the following provisions, “firearm” includes the finished frame or receiver of the weapon, or the unfinished frame or receiver of a weapon that can be readily converted to the functional condition of a finished frame or receiver:

Source: Bill Text – AB-1673 Firearms: unfinished frame or receiver.

Another Californian bill ripe for its abuse. Readily converted is the key here and how it will be interpreted by your friendly local D.A. with aspirations of re-election. Wait, do you think it only meant the 80% receivers? How about the DIY Polymer Receivers that you just pour out of a mold? Is having the appropriate liquid plastics and mold a “readily converted frame’?

Will shovels be considered also “readily converted frames”? You can make an AK 47 out of one!

How about the simple presence of a 3D printer?

Oh yes…. ripe for the abuse.

"I haz Assault Weapon?"
“I haz Assault Weapon?”

9 Replies to “California: AB-1673 Firearms: unfinished frame or receiver will be considered a gun.”

  1. What about just owning a 3D printer and components?

    Almost any manufacturing company or any company that does any kind of prototyping or mock ups is now in a world of legal trouble.


  2. I’ve noticed at the last few gun shows, 80% receivers are becoming a very big thing. Including the jigs to finish them. One guy even had polymer receivers and had a drill press set up for demonstrations. If there’s one thing politicians hate more than guns, it’s guns that are untraceable. Look for this to start spreading to all of the blue anti-gun states pretty soon.


  3. So if I have an 80% receiver but I have no machining experience and don’t own any of the tools needed to complete the receiver (drill press etc), how are they going to convict me of a crime? I don’t have the knowledge, skills, or the tools to readily construct a gun. Likewise how are they ever going to convict criminals who are “trafficking” these “firearms”?



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