The Opposition wants a CDC Report about guns….not really.

There’s a reason for the silence. They don’t want you to know that gun related homicide doesn’t even crack the top 15 causes of death in America.They don’t want you to know that you’re more likely to die by slipping and falling down a staircase than by an “accidental” discharge. Everytown likes to make “gun violence” out to be a “women’s issue”, but they don’t want you to know that men are nearly seven times more likely to die from someone using a gun in a homicide than women are.

Source: Liberal Media and Gun-Grabbers Ignore Latest CDC Report – It Doesn’t Fit Their Narrative – The Gateway Pundit

This data point was an eye-opener for me:

Suicides totaled 41,149, of which 21,175 were firearm related and 19,974 were not.

They are pretty much even. I admit not paying much attention to the method before, but the Antis made it sound like it was basically all suicides by guns. My fault.


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