This happens when you elect crazy anti gunners.

delegate mark levine

From his Facebook page:

Mark Levine is a Delegate in Virginia’s State House of Delegates, representing citizens of Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax in Virginia’s 45th District.

OK, it is nice to see that it is not only Florida who has batshit elected legislators sporting a “D” next to them. There is one line that worries me: “And force people to cross an angry picket line.”  That is a not-so-veiled threat of violence. Levine has stood before Moms Demand in the past in one occasion at an event for Gun Control, but there are no direct connections with any specific gun control groups. If anything, this smells more CSGV tactics than anything else, hankering for a bloody exchange for political advertising.

I am sure VCDL will keep an eye on this idiot. People like him love to tap dance in blood.

Hat tip to Formynder.

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