So where do Anti Gunners go on vacation, travel or live?

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So with 50 states with Concealed Carry, 45 states with Open Carry, 49 states allow .50 Caliber Mid-Air Plane Destroyer Rifles… where does these people go out on vacation? Do they go visit relatives in other states? A lot of them have to be living in states with laws they claim they would not visit, so how do they go about their lives? Do they even get out of the house?

Maybe now we know why Amazon expanded into supermarket and is preparing the drone fleet: Somebody needs to feed these people!

But remember, we are the ones afraid to go out because we have guns.

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  1. According to her FB page, she lives in Massachusetts.

    From Wiki:

    Massachusetts is a “may issue” state for carry. Law abiding clean record Citizens are issued Licenses, but there are several different types of restrictions for carry licenses. License restrictions varies within the state. Towns closer to large cities (like Boston) are de facto restricted, whereas more rural (and some suburban) towns issue unrestricted. Permits are valid state wide as long as you are carrying in the manner you permitted.

    Open carry is legal with a License to Carry. However, open carry is frowned upon by the authorities with few exceptions, such as hunting. Open carry in most circumstances will likely be cause to revoke the license.


  2. These same men wrote a few sentences about our right and freedom to worship God, petition the government, speak our minds, be free of troops quartered in our house and so on. It really rings hollow when these loser anti-rights, anti-freedom, gun prohibitionists complain about the Second Amendment of the Constitution, when they are very satisfied with the rest of the Bill of Rights.

    What is exceptionally funny is that these people are literally surrounded by concealed carrying citizens all the time, but they just don’t know it and without any ill effect. That demonstrates just how shallow and stupid they really are.


  3. Even “Common Sense” Massachusetts is issuing more permits than they can keep up with. ..and post Helper very few CLEOs are willing to be petty and issues restricted permits to qualified applicants. So most of those permits are carry permits too.

    Of course open carry is strongly frowned upon here so antis always just assume none of us are armed.

    Whatever gets them through the night.


  4. Every year the news runs a story about how Nashville has again broken records for tourism, and every year I post a link in the comments to where the tourism board declared that no one would ever visit Nashville again if we passed restaurant carry (we passed it in 2009).

    Still waiting for an apology…



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