Tactical Derp or Gecko45 is now an instructor.

Yes, I posted this video before, but this version is edited to display its full Mall Ninja power.

And I am just figuring there might be visitors to the blog who know the term “Mall Ninja” but may have not know about Gecko45.
Ladies and gents, click here for the Shrine of the Mall Ninja.

5 Replies to “Tactical Derp or Gecko45 is now an instructor.”

    1. Ah, Gecko45, like fine wine the read improves with age. Thanks to those who preserved it and thanks to you for linking to it. I had forgotten how much humor was contained there. I must now share the experience. Many may not know the true history of the Mall Ninja.


    2. Gecko45 was the one who wrote about being a mall security rent-a-badge, but as time and posts went by, descended into Massive Derp (probably intentionally for trolling and laughs), culminating, IIRC, in talking about having a level IV plate duct-taped to his back in case someone decided to fire multiple .338 Lapua rounds at him from behind… Think “Walter Mitty” done for comedic effect.
      Gunkid was (and is), in contrast, a real individual who believes a short-barrelled AR in .22 LR is the ultimate weapon, advocated de-barked chihuahuas as a tactical tool, debuted the “tactical wheelbarrow,” and fantasized about floating down the Mississippi on a raft, hiring his services to local warlords while poisoning his critics’ water supplies, in some demented post-apocolyptic daydream. Oh, and he trolled gun boards and fora from a laptop piped through a cellular phone from the back of his van, as he was on the run from the law for burglary, theft, felon in possession of firearms, and illegal manufacture of unregistered suppressors.

      As for the video, I couldn’t watch it past the dude shooting past the chick as she stood directly in front of him. What “academy” is this from, so that we might all mock them and drive down their business, in order that no one gets killed from their stupidity?



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