Tactical Mystical Shooting.

I have seen this pic floating around in Facebook, allegedly a scene from The Walking Dead.

third eye aiming

Lots of negative commentaries about the way this guys is manipulating the gun. But I am here to tell you that they are wrong.

He is using the middle finger to pull the trigger because the index is keeping the slide from rattling, a common malady of the 1911 pistol.

And yes, he is aiming but at a level that mere common folk cannot achieve: He is aiming the gun with his Third Eye. Why go bilateral vision when you can chakra?

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  1. The “middle-finger trigger pull, pointer finger down the slide technique” is an old style of point shooting. It goes back to at least WWII, where (if I remember my history) it was taught as a way for soldiers to use the 1911 effectively in close quarters without much practice, especially given the quality of WWII era 1911 slights. In a room size area (maybe 10 yds at the most) the point shoot technique could put rounds on a man size target (not worried about group size) fast. This style disappeared about the same time law enforcement stopped using the “one hand squat and shoot” technique.

    Do I believe this TV extra knew all that… no. But for the internet naysayers, yes it’s a real thing.



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