20% of the country is now Constitutional Carry

On Friday, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed House Bill 786 into law, officially making his state the 10th in the nation to adopt permitless firearm carry. In addition, the bill will also give residents the right to carry firearms into houses of worship.

Source: Mississippi Governor Signs Constitutional Carry Bill – OutdoorHub

And not even a month ago, Idaho joined the ranks of Constitutional Carry.  Although I am still ticked off about Florida not advancing this year with OC, I cannot imagine how mad the Opposition has to be with the unrelenting barrage of Freedom that is beating them down. Four months into Texas’ OC law, we have yet to see the High Noon shootouts promised by the gun control activists.

As I promised, the Anti Gun rhetoric from the Democrat is almost rising to LARD levels in both pitch and volume. According to Hillary, Bernie is in the pocket of the NRA and the gun manufacturers (I’ll give you a minute to stop laughing and regain composure) and poor Bernie does not know where to stand one way or the other. Be ready to hear more and more as we reach the Dem Convention. And again I believe the noise will die down at least 50%, probably more.

Just remember to use your ear protection till then.

Do not stop fighting.

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  1. FYI, MS already had legal open carry without any permit before this bill. But, this bill also has questionable language included which appears to limit the places one can open carry without the MS enhanced concealed carry permit. These open carry location restrictions were not in the previous open carry law.



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