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In case the article by A.T. Faust on arguing gunsense made you feel as if all arguments had been won. Here’s a man who posted a migraine inducing article on the same day. Perhaps he just needs to head over here to see more clearly.

The article is full of one- and two- liners that make guns, gun owners, and concealed carry sound terrifying. At the Bowling Green State University in Ohio there was an open carry walk. The article writer might be a medical doctor, since that is the only person in the entire city with the same name as the writer. The reason I point that out is that it is not a college student who wrote it.

Migraine inducing quotes below:

“Consider that Mr. Smith[, who led the open carry walk], is a “gun rights” activist and you will easily see that he is simply trying to convert you to his point of view. Mr. Smith and others like him “get off” on “packing heat” and don’t seem to care about the 100s and 1000s of innocent Americans who are executed and otherwise gunned down yearly because of widespread ownership of all sorts of firearms, vigorously promoted by the NRA and its followers.”

“With open carry, at least students have a chance to see the upcoming danger and get out of the way and call the police. With concealed carry, that chance is essentially gone.”

““Gun rights” activists will tell you that concealed carry is the only way that you can protect yourself against people who want to hurt you. If that is correct, then why do so many fully armed policemen/women die at the hands of shooters they never saw coming? Why are gun owners killed with their own weapons in their own homes?”


If you believe 100s and 1000s die because of widespread gun ownership, then check out some statistics. See that there about 10,000 to 14,000 firearm homicides each year if you look at CDC statistics. In 2013, 2,596,993 deaths of USA residents were recorded. 11,208 were firearm homicides. That means firearm homicides were .43% of the total deaths, and .0035% of the U.S.A. population. Ownership is about 101.1 guns per 100 people, according to Gun Policy. If it was the number of guns that dictated deaths, then charts like this wouldn’t exist.


The horizontal axis is guns per 100,000 and the vertical axis is murder per 100,000.

Graph source. Feel free to debate its accuracy. There are many other similar graphs such as the ones that ClockWorkGremlin pointed out below.

And the comment on open carry being okay because then students could see danger coming? This guy definitely just hates guns. Assuming gun owners are all dangerous is way off base.

And that last quote. Really? They were armed but still died, so why should you be able to carry a gun? That reasoning reminds me of the guy who told me that we don’t need semiautomatic rifles with more than 10 rounds.

Side story, I told him about the riots were gun owners stood ground on their stores with semiautomatic rifles in ’92. It wasn’t recent, so he wasn’t convinced. I told him about the Ferguson riots where the riots were allowed to happen for a while and there was a convenience store and a gun shop shared building and the owners awaited the riots. However, the riots did not reach their stores. So no store owners in those riots fired guns to defend their livelihood as far as I know. At this point, the guy I was talking to said that we don’t need “large” magazines because the stores that did burn down did not choose to protect their stores. If you don’t use it, you lose it. I was taken aback for someone to be so blunt about having people lose their rights.

Anyhow, back to saying that because some gun owners and police died even though they were armed means that you don’t need to carry a gun. Flawed logic here, let me demonstrate. Some people died in car wrecks even though they had air bags, so air bags are no good. See how that logic is flawed?


The article has a few other gems you can check out for yourself. The author seems to be angered by the peaceful open carry demonstration, and this is the only column by him. If you look below the column, you can see related columns where students are writing columns about the open carry demonstration in positive light.


Have a nice day, and lower your blood pressure by watching Demolition Ranch shoot a small safe to see how many shots it takes to open it.

7 Replies to “The Daily Migraine”

  1. Love the graph! Would it be possible to provide its source? (Would like to have that information in case I reference this article to others.)

    Also, do you know what the numbers would be for any of the western european nations? I know the people I debate with would ask.



      1. Both are good to have, Linoge closed his blog last year and it’s only open again because someone gave him a donation to keep it open, so his site can’t be assumed to be permanent.


  2. “’Gun rights’ activists will tell you that concealed carry is the only way that you can protect yourself against people who want to hurt you. If that is correct, then why do so many fully armed policemen/women die at the hands of shooters they never saw coming?”

    This is a problem of basing one’s arguments on absolutes, and it’s opposite argument that if something is not an absolute, it is not worthwhile. Some gun owners do seem to have the attitude that having a gun will protect them, when it’s really a case of significantly improving the odds. This is like saying that doing school fire drills is not a guarantee of all students getting out safely, so it’s an argument against doing them. It’s about improving the odds. There is no such thing as 100% perfection in anything in the physical world.

    “Why are gun owners killed with their own weapons in their own homes?”

    I assume he is referring to Kellerman, in which case the study has no data on which gun was used when a gun owner is killed in his/her own gun. Surely, some gun owners are killed with their own gun, but questions like these are begging the question (they have their conclusion/premise already stated and it’s not really a question).

    (FYI, “begging the question” is not the same as “raising the question,” even though folks frequently confuse/interchange the two — look it up if you don’t know the difference)



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