Eulalio Tordil, the Perfect (and deadly) Storm of Gun Control inefficiency.

Moms Demand Eulalio Tordil

A Law Enforcement Officer (The Only Ones) with a restraining order for domestic violence had his duty gun removed and his personal weapons confiscated by police in a state with great Gun Control Laws which would not have him allowed to buy any more weapons. All the check boxes have been marked and therefore no violence would occur. The wife was supposed to be safe and no need to do other preparations. It was a guarantee that the Opposition has made over and over.

But the sad fact is that three people are dead and three more wounded at the hands of Eulalio Tordil. This “Mass Shooting” has barely been mentioned by Moms Demand and CSGV and not a peep from Everytown or the Bradys. It is an embarrassment and they know it.

Words printed in a piece of paper are no substitute for the ability to defend oneself against a determined attacker.

You are your First Responder.

2 Replies to “Eulalio Tordil, the Perfect (and deadly) Storm of Gun Control inefficiency.”

  1. I’ve seen some doozies on a few of the commenting sections that are available for this story.

    “Another good guy with a gun” seems to be a favorite, followed be something about the NRA rejoicing/being responsible, followed by “gun show loophole” talk.

    I guess that’s the best thing about having an opinion that doesn’t require any rational thought or scientific method… there’s always another law and it’s always some political foe’s fault.



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