Top Down Opinion

This is Bonnie Schaefer, she is the owner of Westglow Spa and Resort and former CEO of Claire’s Stores, Inc.  She is a member of the DNC Platform Drafting Committee.  This means that she is responsible for helping to write the official list of positions that the DNC will be taking.

In this video she is saying, quite outright, that she doesn’t believe that anybody should own a gun.

She can walk her statement back by saying it’s just her personal opinion, but does anybody really believe that she would not try to codify her opinion into the DNC platform?

This is a very high ranking member of the largest political party in the country, says that her personal opinion on a matter is 100% diametrically opposed to civil rights protected by the foundational document of this nation and affirmed by the Supreme Court in several recent decisions.

That is both horrifying and telling.


4 Replies to “Top Down Opinion”

  1. Just think of how many elections the Dems could’ve won if they didn’t keep on peeing in your shoes every time the Second Amendment comes up. The issue was even identified by George Snuffleuphagus after the 2000 election; he pointed out that there were about ten states where the margin of victory for Republicans was smaller than the number of NRA members in that state.
    Of course, his advice wasn’t “For cryin’ out loud, STFU about gun control!”… it was, “Let’s call gun control by a different name, so we can fool the rubes… how about ‘Common Sense Gun Safety?”


  2. And she’s lying.

    She doesn’t believe that “nobody should have a gun”. You can tell because she’s not advocating for the police or the Secret Service to disarm.

    No, she just believes you should not have a gun.



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