“But they are only a tiny fraction…”

Can we dispense with the stupid excuse/explanation? If they are not actively participating, they are supporting it or at least not doing squat to stop it because they agree with it.

Case in point:

Daily Mail Turkish headline

Time to admit that a vast number of people in the world would not give two shits if the rest of humanity (us included) gets killed.

2 Replies to ““But they are only a tiny fraction…””

  1. No one is safe; not even other muslims if they are of the wrong sect or if not sufficiently devout in the estimation of the group in charge.

    I recommend nuking mecca to put the entire Islamic world into a theological crisis by invalidating one of their faith pillars (i.e. the trip to mecca to worship a meteorite – although they would not state it as such). It could actually end islam since the koran is considered to be inerrant in their false belief system.


  2. As T.E. Lawrence said :

    “Rebellions can be made by 2 percent active in a striking force, and 98 percent passively sympathetic.”

    98% of mudslimes may remain silent, but they passively support the terrorists. The terrorists could not operate without this support.

    The 98% become a jungle of humanity, in which the terrorists can operate covertly. We must cut down the jungle by deporting all mudslimes who are not actively fighting terrorism.



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