Caro Carson: Gun Safety Expert at your service.

I am still laughing…

Caro Carson Gun Fail

The “mansplaining” has got to stop. Every single comment I (or anyone else) has made about the assault weapon used in Orlando to kill or maim 103 people is being met by a dude who feels the need to “mansplain” to me what an assault weapon is. See this photo? That’s me in the center, briefing a squad of military police soldiers. Kiss my a$$. I know that weapon inside and out. It has no place in my home. You want to get your jollies from firing a weapon like that? Then do what I did, AND VOLUNTEER TO SERVE IN THE ARMY. I’m no longer in the Army, and I no longer need to have this kind of weapon handy for any reason.

Dear Caro:

Actually it is a blessing for your family that you don’t have the M-16 anymore. It seems you fell asleep when the Army was teaching you the basics of Gun Safety and specifically the part that goes something like “keep the fucking muzzle of the rifle away from your body, you dumb jackass!”  There is no doubt in my mind that your lack of firearms safety would have resulted in a tragedy.

And I am not going to delve into the fact that you cannot tell the difference between semi-automatic and automatic weapons.

So much stupid concentrated in one post.

May you have  blessed and safe life.


The Gunsplainers.

4 Replies to “Caro Carson: Gun Safety Expert at your service.”

  1. I work with guns for a living. We hire a lot of Veterans. You’d think that they would know a lot about guns and gun safety. Some do. A lot don’t. Many have only used a handgun once in basic and used their rifle during qualification and that’s it. And that is one model of firearm, not an encyclopedic knowledge of all guns. I love the guys who show up all “I was a badass in Iraq” but can’t work a semi auto shotgun. Being a veteran does not make one a gun expert.


    1. I fully agree with the observation that “Assault Guns” have no place in the general public, however major media and the anti-gun faction regularly perpetuates the erroneous notion that semiautomatic rifles are assault guns or guns of war. Sorry, soldiers do not regularly carry a semiautomatic rifle into conflict.
      While a fully automatic M-16 or an AK-47 would be identified as being assault guns or guns of war, an AR15, or the Sig Sauer MCX used in Orlando, are both semiautomatic rifles and therefore cannot correctly be identified as being assault guns or guns or war.



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